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Welcome to The Swedish Lighthouse Society.

Torungen Dear Lighthouse Friends

The founding of Svenska Fyrsällskapet, the Swedish Lighthouse Society, took place at a meeting in Dalénmuseet (the Museum of Gustaf Dalén) at Stenstorp (the birth place of Dalén) on October 5, 1996. The idea to start Swedish Lighthouse Society was very welcomed

The society had 200 members after only one year of operation. It has been growing every year since it was founded. Now, at the end of 2019 we are more than 4300 members and per capita by far the largest national Lighthouse Society in the world. We have individual members living in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, United States and Åland.

We are annually:

  • publishing our 52 pages full color magazine Blänket 4 times
  • arranging 30-40 lectures and excursions to Lighthouses
  • responsible for the International Lighthouse Day in Sweden and open up to 80 lighthouses with so far up to 18.000 annual visitors
  • celebrating birthdays (100, 150, 200, 250 years) of lighthouses

We have published several books about lighthouses, playing cards, bookmarks, etc.

On our homepage we are building a huge lighthouse dictionary as well as a personnel database of all lighthouse keepers and their families in Sweden since it started. We collect and publish links to lighthouse sites.

Since 15 years trying to start a National Lighthose Trust with Swedish Authorities

The Board believe that the Swedish Lighthouse Society will continue to be a successful venture, as well as, a positive forum to be used by everyone interested in Lighthouses

We welcome individuals, organizations, companies and authorities as members

For more information, please contact Svenska Fyrsällskapet or webmaster

Please note: All written information we are publishing including our magazine Blänket is in Swedish